Please keep in mind the following :

  1. Please understand that photos were taken when animals first arrived at the shelter and may not accurately reflect your pet’s normal appearance.
  2. Cats may be difficult to handle and may be in a carrier.
  3. In rare cases, we do not post photographs of the animals that we receive. It is your responsibility to visit our shelter and see the animals in person.
  4. You must come to the shelter to identify your pet. Due to staff resources we can’t examine each animal.

After submitting this form you will receive a Passcode to proceed to our found-pet list. If you haven"t located your pet within 30 days of submitting your initial lost pet report, please submit a new one. If you already have a valid Passcode please enter your code below to see our found pets.

If you do not have a passcode
If you have a passcode